Frequently asked questions.

Do I need an appointment?
Our customers enjoy the fact that they do not need appointments.
You can walk in Wednesday to Sunday 11.30 till 3.30.

IF you would prefer an appointment, these are available for Sat or Sun at 3.30pm. Book by calling 0800BRIDAL

What can I expect and what service do you offer?
We offer an informal, no pressure environment where you and your support group can browse and try on gowns. We are more than happy to help you into the dresses at your request.
We aim to provide dresses for budget concious event goers and brides.
We therefore sell all our evening gowns at under $399 and all our wedding gowns for under $999.
We give you our best professional advise gained over the last 13 years
Are some days busier than others?
As can be expected with our 'drop in' policy, Saturdays can be very busy. We can usually accommodate you with one of our 5 spacious fitting rooms, but if not, we have some couches for you to relax on while you wait. If you would prefer to avoid this scenario, please consider visiting us on Wed-Friday 
How many helpers/guests can I bring with? 
If you are planning to visit on a Saturday then we ask you to limit your group to yourself plus 2 if possible. On other days of the week up to 4 guests can be accomodated.
Can I bring a baby in a pram, toddlers and / or other young children.
For obvious reasons, your shopping experience would be enhanced if you did not have to give attention to young ones. If you are planning on bringing babies and or young children, you are welcome, but we strongly advise you try and visit during the week from Wednesday to Friday.
Do you hire out?
Yes we offer a hire service for most unused dresses with evening gowns hiring between $99 and $199 and wedding gowns hiring between $295 and $595.
Evening gowns can be hired for up to 4 months in advance and wedding gowns for up to 8 months. You take the gown with you on the day you visit and return within a week of using.
Alterations are allowed (at your own cost).
You do not need to clean before returning.
Where do you get your gowns from?
We import from all over including the UK, USA, Australia & China 
Are your gowns new or second hand? 
All our gowns start off new. We offer most of them (unless they are too delicate) for hire as well as purchase. If they are hired out rather than bought, once returned, they are dry cleaned and sold second hand (ie, the dresses are only ever hired out once) .
Do you sell gowns on behalf?
No we do not. We suggest  online Trademe or Stillwhite as the best place.
Does the price include alterations? 
No, but we can refer you to our list of alteration experts, New Zealand wide.