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These bridal gowns are available on CLEARANCE in limited sizes in store.

Selling price $295.00   

 Some are new(unused) and some have been used once and dry cleaned.

  We have more options in store - updated  08 03 2019

Some of our clearance gowns are available online. To switch to our online store press the button  


C1-70342C1-70342  C1-701C1-701  C1-701C1-701 C1-70342C1-70342
 C2-70221C2-70221  C2-1312C2-1312  C2-1312C2-1312  C2-70221C2-70221
 C3-70201 oysterC3-70201 oyster  C3-1878C3-1878  C3-1878C3-1878  C3-70172C3-70172
C4-70422C4-70422 C4-70405 -SOLD OUTC4-70405 -SOLD OUT C4-70405 - SOLD OUTC4-70405 - SOLD OUT C4-70422C4-70422
C4A- 70055C4A- 70055 C4A- 1103C4A- 1103 C4A- 1103C4A- 1103 C4A- 70055C4A- 70055
 C5-1342C5-1342  C5-1082C5-1082  C5-1082C5-1082  C5-1342C5-1342
C6-70355C6-70355  C6-1031C6-1031  C6-1031C6-1031 C6-1222C6-1222
C7-1162C7-1162 C7-1315C7-1315 C7-1315C7-1315 C7-1162C7-1162
C8-1935 SOLD OUTC8-1935 SOLD OUT C8-BG001C8-BG001 C8-BG001C8-BG001 C8-1935 SOLD OUTC8-1935 SOLD OUT
 C8A-927C8A-927 C8A-874C8A-874 C8A-874C8A-874  C8A-927C8A-927
 C9-1460C9-1460  C9-1744C9-1744  C9-1744C9-1744  C9-1460C9-1460
 C10-941C10-941  C10-853C10-853  C10-1212C10-1212  C10-303C10-303
 C11-582C11-582  C11-653C11-653  C11-653C11-653  C11-582C11-582
 C13-930C13-930  C13-1064C13-1064  C13-1064C13-1064  C13-930C13-930
 C14-1108C14-1108  C14-1210C14-1210  C14-1210C14-1210  C14-1108C14-1108
 C15 Allure 12C15 Allure 12  C15-70303C15-70303  C15-70302C15-70302  C15 Allure 12C15 Allure 12
C16-70001C16-70001 C16-70006C16-70006 C16-70003C16-70003 C16-1083C16-1083