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Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses for hire or purchase. Albany, North shore, Auckland, New Zealand

We have a range of bridesmaid dresses for purchase or hire. We help you stay within your budget and go to a lot of effort to source the styles, colours and sizes that you require for your wedding. Our prices are very competitive and we give you our best personal service. Contact us now at 0800 BRIDAL or if you have any questions. Below are some of our bridesmaid dresses. We have a large variety in store. 

Many bridesmaid dress options. Prices range from  $99.00 to $299.00. Click on the photos for more information.

Prices shown are purchase prices. Gowns are available for hire too.

Updated 8 July 2019

BM1006 $99BM1006 $99 multiway blush $99multiway blush $99                 multiway grey $99multiway grey $99 multiway blush $99multiway blush $99 BM1006 $99BM1006 $99
BM102 $149BM102 $149 BM102 $149BM102 $149  BM102 $149BM102 $149 BM102 $149BM102 $149
BM102 $149BM102 $149
BM1003 $149BM1003 $149 BM1003 $149BM1003 $149 BM1003 $149BM1003 $149 BM1003 $149BM1003 $149  BM1003 $149BM1003 $149 
BM200 $149BM200 $149 BM200 $149BM200 $149 BM200 $149BM200 $149 BM200 $149BM200 $149 BM200 $149BM200 $149
BM1000 $299BM1000 $299 .BM1000 $299BM1000 $299  BM1000 $299BM1000 $299 BM1000 $299BM1000 $299 BM1000 $299BM1000 $299
BM1001 $299BM1001 $299 BM1001 $299BM1001 $299 BM1001 $299BM1001 $299 BM1001 $299BM1001 $299 BM1001 $299BM1001 $299
BM1002 $299BM1002 $299  BM1002 $299BM1002 $299  BM1002 $299BM1002 $299 BM1002 $299BM1002 $299 BM1002 $299BM1002 $299
BM930 $299BM930 $299 BM930 $299BM930 $299 BM930 $299BM930 $299 BM930 $299 BM930 $299 BM930 $299BM930 $299
BM800 $299BM800 $299 BM800 $299BM800 $299 BM800 $299BM800 $299 BM800 $299BM800 $299 BM800 $299BM800 $299