Beach and Informal style bridal gowns

We have a wide range of wedding dresses and accessories for purchase or hire. We provide for the under $1000 wedding dress budget with all purchase prices between $195.00 and $995.00 and all gowns available for hire too. We cater for brides of varying ages and spectrums. We give you our best personal service and advise.

Contact us now on 0800BRIDAL if you have any questions or come and visit us at the store: 227 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany Village.

The photos below are a sample of some of our dresses. We have a wider variety in store. 

If you would like to find out more about a particular gown email us the style number and size you require. We can then advise what we have in new, once used and hire and the associated prices as well as potential similar styles.

(Updated  08 01 2021)


BI35-70981 sold outBI35-70981 sold out BI35-70940BI35-70940 BI35-70940BI35-70940  BI35-70981 sold outBI35-70981 sold out
BI33-70875BI33-70875 BI-33 70810BI-33 70810 BI-33 70810BI-33 70810 BI33-70875BI33-70875
BI32-70721BI32-70721 Bi32-70854Bi32-70854 BI32-70980BI32-70980 BI32-70740 sold outBI32-70740 sold out
BI33-70852BI33-70852 BI 33 70730BI 33 70730 BI 33 70730BI 33 70730 BI33-70851BI33-70851
BI30-70518BI30-70518 BI30-70518BI30-70518 BI30-70517BI30-70517 BI30-70517BI30-70517
BI23-70854BI23-70854  BI23-70651  sold outBI23-70651 sold out  BI23-70651  sold outBI23-70651 sold out  BI23-70850BI23-70850
BI0-1401BI0-1401  BI0-70170BI0-70170 BI0-70740 sold outBI0-70740 sold out  BI0-7110BI0-7110
BI20-70017BI20-70017 BI20-1878BI20-1878 BI20-1878BI20-1878 BI20-70017BI20-70017
 BI1-70768BI1-70768  BI1-70222BI1-70222  BI1-70222BI1-70222  Bi1-70017Bi1-70017
BI2-1401BI2-1401 BI2-70760NBI2-70760N BI2-70760NBI2-70760N BI2-1401BI2-1401
 BI5-70760BI5-70760  BI5-70371BI5-70371  BI5-70371BI5-70371   BI5-70760BI5-70760


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