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 We have a wide range of wedding dresses and accessories for purchase or hire. Most of our dresses are new but we do have a couple of once used gowns. Our prices are very competitive. We provide for the under $1000 wedding dress budget with all purchase prices between $195.00 and $995.00 and all gowns available for hire too. We cater for brides of varying ages and spectrums. From first time brides wanting classic or princess dresses and all the 'trimmings' to elegant 'vintage' lace themes as well as, beach and bohemian dresses and  options for mature brides. We give you our best personal service and advise.

Contact us now on 0800BRIDAL or if you have any questions or come and visit us at the store: 227 Dairy Flat Highway. The photos below are a sample of some of our dresses. We have a wide variety in store. 


 (Page updated  31 03 2018)



CB00-70081CB00-70081  CB00-70084CB00-70084  CB00-70084CB00-70084  CB00-70081CB00-70081
CB0-1863CB0-1863 CB0-1862CB0-1862 CB0-1862CB0-1862 CB0-1863CB0-1863
CB1-1605CB1-1605 CB1-1370CB1-1370 CB1-1371CB1-1371 CB1-1453CB1-1453
 CB2-1841CB2-1841 CB2-1311CB2-1311 CB2-1311CB2-1311  CB2-1841CB2-1841
 CB3-1450CB3-1450 CB3-1511CB3-1511 CB3-1512CB3-1512 CB3-1631CB3-1631
 CB4-1051CB4-1051 CB4-70093CB4-70093 CB4-70093CB4-70093 CB4-1051CB4-1051
 CB5-1453CB5-1453 CB5-1512CB5-1512 CB5-1373CB5-1373 CB5-1371CB5-1371
 CB6-1090CB6-1090 CB6-1102CB6-1102 CB6-1102CB6-1102 CB6-1090CB6-1090 
 CB7-1635CB7-1635 CB7-1653CB7-1653 CB7-1653CB7-1653  CB7-1635CB7-1635
CB8-1410CB8-1410 CB8-1374CB8-1374 CB8-1374CB8-1374 CB8-1410CB8-1410
 CB9-1000CB9-1000 CB9-1310CB9-1310 CB9-1310CB9-1310 CB9-1000CB9-1000
CB10-651bCB10-651b CB10-900CB10-900  CB10-900CB10-900 CB10-651bCB10-651b
CB11-1020CB11-1020 CB11-1082CB11-1082 CB11-1082CB11-1082 CB11-1020CB11-1020
 CB13-1352CB13-1352 CB13-1401CB13-1401 CB13-1401CB13-1401 CB13-1352CB13-1352
 CB14-1063CB14-1063 CB14-1805CB14-1805 CB14-1805CB14-1805  CB14-1063CB14-1063
CB15-1350CB15-1350 CB15-1353CB15-1353 CB15-1353CB15-1353 CB15-1350CB15-1350
CB16-1406CB16-1406 CB16-1651CB16-1651 CB16-1651CB16-1651 CB16-1406CB16-1406
 CB17-1822CB17-1822 CB17-1635CB17-1635 CB17-1635CB17-1635  CB17-1822CB17-1822
 CB18-913CB18-913 CB18-1273CB18-1273 CB18-1273CB18-1273 CB18-913CB18-913
CB19-1086CB19-1086 CB19-933CB19-933 CB19-933CB19-933 CB19-1086CB19-1086
 CB20-1455CB20-1455  CB20-1290CB20-1290  CB20-1290CB20-1290  CB20-1455CB20-1455
 CB21-442CB21-442  CB21-1104CB21-1104  CB21-1104CB21-1104  CB21-442CB21-442
 CB22-425CB22-425  CB22-930CB22-930  CB22-930CB22-930  CB22-425CB22-425