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We have a wide range of ball, evening, cocktail dresses and accessories for purchase or hire. Our prices are very competitive. Our customers say we have the best prices in Auckland. We cater for different needs. We can provide you with a no fuss, elegant dress or a ‘WOW factor ‘ exclusive gown and everything in between! We have dressed many gorgeous girls for their balls, from Kaitaia to Queenstown. We have sponsored and dressed (amongst others) Kylie Miller ‘Miss Tourism Queen International NZ 2013', Ella Langsford, 'Miss World New Zealand 2013'.Karla de Beer Miss World NZ 2016 and Jessica Tyson MISS INTERNATIONAL NZ 2016. We give you our best personal service and advise. If you think we could be of service to you contact us now on 0800BRIDAL or or come and visit us at the store: 227 Dairy Flat Highway. Albany Village, Auckland.

The photos below are some of our dresses. We have a lot more options in store. All gowns in store are available for purchase or hire.

 Updated 29 Jan 2018

00-BG10111 $19900-BG10111 $199 00-BG1010200-BG10102 00-BG1010000-BG10100 00-BG1010100-BG10101 00-BG10110 $19900-BG10110 $199
000-BG10106000-BG10106 000-BG10107000-BG10107 000-BG10118000-BG10118 000-BG10107000-BG10107 000-BG10106000-BG10106
0-BG100790-BG10079 0-BG1702w0-BG1702w 0-BG100790-BG10079 0-BG1702w0-BG1702w 0-BG100790-BG10079
100-BG10082100-BG10082 100-BG10080100-BG10080 100-BG10091100-BG10091 100-BG10080100-BG10080 100-BG10082100-BG10082
 00-BG1009000-BG10090  00-BG1009100-BG10091  00-BG1009200-BG10092 00-BG1009100-BG10091 00-BG1009000-BG10090
200-TO38 $249200-TO38 $249 200-BM866 $199200-BM866 $199 200-BM900200-BM900 200-BM866 $199200-BM866 $199 200-TO38 $249200-TO38 $249
300-BG10115 $199300-BG10115 $199 300-BG10117 $199300-BG10117 $199 300-BG10116300-BG10116  300-BG10117 $199300-BG10117 $199  300-BG10115 $199300-BG10115 $199
 1- BG300201- BG30020  1-BG20030 $1991-BG20030 $199  1-BG100721-BG10072  1-BG20030 $1991-BG20030 $199  1- BG300201- BG30020
2-BG300102-BG30010 2-BG100852-BG10085 BG7215BG7215 2-BG100852-BG10085 2-BG300102-BG30010
3- BG100783- BG10078 3- BM865 $1993- BM865 $199 3-BG100923-BG10092 3-BM865 $1993-BM865 $199 3-BG100783-BG10078
4-BG27004-BG2700 4-BM885 $1994-BM885 $199 4-BM885 $1994-BM885 $199 4-BM885 $1994-BM885 $199 4-BG27004-BG2700
5-BG101275-BG10127 5-BG10125b5-BG10125b 5-BG101255-BG10125 5-Bg101265-Bg10126 5-BG101275-BG10127
6-BG100766-BG10076 6-BG10040 $1996-BG10040 $199 6-BG200316-BG20031 6-BG10040 $1996-BG10040 $199 6-BG200326-BG20032
7-BG200117-BG20011  7-BG10013  7-BG10013 7-BG200117-BG20011  7-BG10013 7-BG10013  7-BG200117-BG20011
 9-BG100599-BG10059  9-BG72049-BG7204 9-BG69159-BG6915  9-BG72049-BG7204  9-BG100599-BG10059
10-BG1003010-BG10030 10-BG275010-BG2750 10-BG1702r10-BG1702r 10-BG275010-BG2750 10-BG1003010-BG10030
11-BG2001011-BG20010 11-BG2800n11-BG2800n 11-BG2800G11-BG2800G 11-BG2800G11-BG2800G 11-BG2001011-BG20010
12 BG2722-324812 BG2722-3248 12-BG463012-BG4630 12-BG2706c12-BG2706c 12-BG463012-BG4630 12-BG2722-324812-BG2722-3248
BG1850bBG1850b BG2721BG2721 BG2720nBG2720n BG2721BG2721 BG1850bBG1850b
BG1825BG1825 BG1702nBG1702n  Bg1826Bg1826  BG1702nBG1702n  BG1825BG1825
BG7100BG7100 BM711BM711 BM711BM711 BM711BM711 BG7100BG7100
BG1160BG1160 BG1166BG1166 BG8007BG8007 BG8001BG8001 BG8001BG8001
BG1702rBG1702r  BG3240BG3240  BG7017BG7017  BG3240BG3240  BG1702rBG1702r 
BG2640BG2640 23 BM864 $149.23 BM864 $149. BG1760BG1760  23- BM864 $149.23- BM864 $149. BG2640BG2640